Bulletproof TLS and PKI, Second Edition

Author: Ivan Ristić

Understanding and deploying SSL/TLS and PKI to secure servers and web applications, by Ivan Ristić

For system administrators, developers, and IT security professionals, this book provides a comprehensive coverage of the ever-changing field of SSL/TLS and Internet PKI. Written by Ivan Ristić, a security researcher and author of SSL Labs, this book will teach you everything you need to know to protect your systems from eavesdropping and impersonation attacks.
The second edition is now complete.

When you buy, you get both the first and the second edition of the book.


  • Comprehensive coverage of the ever-changing field of SSL/TLS and PKI
  • For managers, to help you understand the dangers
  • For system administrators, to help you deploy systems securely
  • For developers, to help you design and implement secure web applications
  • Practical and concise, with depth where details are relevant
  • Available in paperback and digital formats (PDF, EPUB; no DRM)
  • Ebook includes unlimited updates within the same edition

Detailed information and sample chapters are available on the book homepage.

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Bulletproof TLS and PKI, Second Edition